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The Problem with Gurus

Everybody has a different journey. Everybody has a different path, and you don't really know what to expect. All you know is to just keep plugging away, and you hope something will come through and something will happen.
Grace Gealey

The problem with many gurus is that they have a very specific path to get you from A to B. As soon as you deviate from that path it no longer works.

Think of a guru who has given you directions through a forest where he is pointing the next landmark on the path. If you are not following the path directly, you won’t find that next landmark.

One of the reasons we go off the path is because of who we are. We may not have the characteristics necessary for certain parts of the path which cause us to deviate and then be lost.

If anyone could follow the path we would all be rich and living our dream lives. Life doesn’t work that way.

A better approach is to understand the landscape. Once we understand the landscape we cannot get lost.

With this approach, the path the different gurus have become relevant, the reveal one path through the landscape. The more we understand the landscape the easier we can find the path the works for us.

Live the Adventure


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