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Just One Piece

When we learn something new, we don’t go from wrong to right. Rather, we go from wrong to slightly less wrong. And when we learn something additional, we go from slightly less wrong to slightly less wrong than that, and then to even less wrong than that, and so on. We are always in the process of approaching truth and perfection without actually ever reaching truth or perfection.
Mark Manson]]

When solving problems you don’t need to solve the whole problem at once.

Take what you know and understand and see what you can figure out from there. Adding potential pieces of the solution gets you one step closer to the solution.

Ask yourself what else can I understand based on what I already know. Keep building in this way to get you closer to a solution.

Keep the mindset that you will eventually find the solution, but let go of the solution as you are collecting the pieces. Figure out little pieces and then re-evaluate.

Remember, a 99 piece puzzle is easier than a 100 piece puzzle.

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