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Investing Approach to Life

The decisions we make in our lives—in business, saving and spending, health and lifestyle choices, raising our children, and relationships—easily fit von Neumann’s definition of “real games.” They involve uncertainty, risk, and occasional deception, prominent elements in poker. Trouble follows when we treat life decisions as if they were chess decisions.
Annie Duke

As an entrepreneur, we tend to go for the million dollar idea.

This is a similar trait to trying to find a 10-bagger in the stock market.

In investing this risk is mitigated by only putting a certain percentage of money into finding the 10-baggers. The remaining money is put into safer bets.

Applying this same philosophy to entrepreneurship what you are investing is your time. Some of your time should be invested in moonshots, but the majority of your time should be invested in a solid plan where you are guaranteed the results. As your solid plans start to pay off, you will have more and more time to invest in moonshots.

Form your solid base first.

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