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Creating Vision

Doing Good is a simple and universal vision. A vision to which each and every one of us can connect and contribute to its realization. A vision based on the belief that by doing good deeds, positive thinking, and affirmative choice of words, feelings, and actions, we can enhance goodness in the world.
Shari Arison

Creating a vision takes effort. A vision has to be big enough to drive us forward, but not too big as to be unattainable.

It is easy to imagine a billionaire’s vision, but it may not be as motivating as something you are more likely to achieve in 3 to 5 years.

Creating a 3-5 year vision takes creativity.

One way to help is to create your vision of how you want to feel on a day-to-day basis and from that day to day basis to a month to month and year to year.

Do you want to feel peaceful? Excited? Awe? Love? Connectedness? Exploration? Adventure?

Try to map out how you would feel on an ideal day from the time you get up until you fall asleep again. From your ideal day, contemplate the feelings you want to feel monthly and what you would want to feel yearly.

You may want days of excitement and adventure and yearly to feel a sense of accomplishment? Figure out what would be your ideal feelings.

Once you have the feelings, then try to find activities that will create those feelings. Those activities become your vision. The feelings become your metrics to tell you how good your vision is. If your vision is creating those feelings, you have your vision. Otherwise, continue working to generate those feelings.

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