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Your Business Comes Second

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you will miss them.
William Arthur Ward

The pace of the world is increasing.  What used to take months to accomplish can now be accomplished in days.

As a business analyst, I have seen the amount of time required for the build phase of a project to become smaller and smaller.  Today, there are no-code solutions for many business requirements.

The question is how do you prepare for the increasing pace of the world.

I think the answer is building business assets that can be configured and reconfigured for different ideas.

Each time you build a piece of your business ask yourself the question: How can this be created so that it can be reused or recreated for a different purpose quickly?

Build up a set of assets that you can quickly apply to new opportunities as they come up.

These assets can be things like implementing a course with an LMS like LearnDash, setting up WooCommerce for an online store, landing page templates, business plan templates, presentation templates, general skills such as copywriting or speaking, etcetera.  The main idea is to view these as components of any business that can quickly be reconfigured.

Businesses will come and go, but the components of the businesses will always be the same.

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