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Fairness as a Value

Fairness is what justice really is.
Potter Stewart

Fairness is a value that I believe is undervalued in society.

As a value, fairness means that in any situation the outcome that maximizes both sides is the best outcome.

Fairness does not mean equality.  Fairness means balancing the needs of the many with the needs of the few or one.

Fairness is the answer to selfishness.  Fairness requires you to understand and empathize with the other party and pursuing a path that is a win-win for both.  It requires work and effort to objectively see both sides.

In the end, fairness will lead to everyone building up everyone else, and in that way we all win.

Because it requires work and effort, there are situations where the work is not reasonable.  In those cases, I do think it is reasonable to fall back to equality.  As an example, a speed limit based on fairness would take into account driving ability, weather, type of vehicle driven.  There are two many factors so it makes sense to have a single speed limit that applies to everyone.

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