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Work for Your Future Self

The future influences the present just as much as the past.
Friedrich Nietzsche

One excellent mindset for determining what are the most valuable tasks to be doing is the idea that you work for your future self.

If you imagine you are your future self a year from now, how do you value what your current self is doing?

If you are doing activities that have no long-term benefit then they are of little value to your future self.  This is where the concept of assets comes in.  If you think in terms of the assets you are building that your future self will be able to use, then you are working for your future self.

  • Ask your future self questions like:
  • How can I leverage the assets that I have?  What assets are missing?
  • Has my past self freed up any of my time?  My time is my most valuable asset?
  • What has my past self created that has put me in the position I am in today?
  • What assets do I wish I had?
  • How has my past self taken care of my body?
  • How has my past self taken care of my mind?
  • Has my past self balanced building assets for the future with enjoying the present?
  • How can I continue what my past self has started for my future self?

By starting with the perspective of your future self and reflecting backward creates a path forward for your current self.  Because it was your future self that created the vision, the path automatically will be fulfilling for your future self.


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