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Who Gets the Value

Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.
Tom Freston

One key aspect of service design is connecting the value with the stakeholder that is receiving the value.

Oftentimes as a business analyst, we are only dealing with the back-end services and we don’t have exposure to who ultimately is gaining value.

Understanding the service from the start to the final value being created allows for more innovation to happen. That requires the business analyst to have a deep understanding of both who is initiating the service and what the final value is.

As an example, in a restaurant, there are backend services for creating meals, collecting money, providing clean dishes, etcetera. The real end-to-end service is the person coming into the restaurant for a meal. Then there is the question of whether the value is based on the quality of the food, the services, or the ambiance. Once we understand the entire service we can become innovative. If the value is the quality of the food then the service can be fulfilled with Uber. If it is quality and ambiance maybe there is the potential to package the ambiance with the food on Uber by including table cloths, plate settings, etcetera.

If we are only focusing on the back-end services without the entire service in mind we can become very efficient at what is being done, but we lose out on being innovative.

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