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Who do you want to be

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt

One thread of creating your dream life is determining who you want to be and pursuing making that person a reality.

The core of who you want to be is your values and beliefs.

Typically, when we contemplate our future self, we think of personality traits or physical traits. I want to be outgoing, I want to weigh a certain amount.

The steps to your future self are the same as any other change.
Current state: Who are you now?
Future state Who do you want to be?
Gap: What are the missing pieces?
Plan: Create a plan to start bridging the gap.
Execute: Do the work.

Being who you want to be is one of the cornerstones of a designed life.

Understanding who you are helps you understand what you want to do. Understanding what you want to do helps you understand who you are.

Life is a continual spiral of learning.

Live the Adventure


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