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Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.
Jen Williamson

There are many ways of journaling.

  • Capturing your daily activities
  • Capturing your daily thoughts and reflections
  • Capturing answers to questions
  • Reflecting on a topic
  • Capturing different aspects of your life design
  • Capturing connections between ideas
  • Capturing goals and objectives
  • Capturing dreams.

Add different ways of journaling into your practice. Commit to a particular type of journaling for a period of time, a week if you are journaling daily, and a month if you are journaling less often. At the end of the period reflect on what you learned and how the practice has improved your life.

Those that resonate and work you will naturally keep doing. Less effective ones will be dropped. Some will be useful all the time, and some will be useful only on certain occasions.

Actively practicing different ways will help expand your journaling and the journaling will help enhance your life.

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