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What are the facts?

Everyone has biases, not everyone knows what their biases are.

Biases have a direct effect on making decisions.  There is the example of the world-famous violinist who played in the New York Subway.  People assumed, or had a bias about the quality of the music in a subway so they didn’t pay attention.

Where there is distrust a similar thing happens.  We dismiss ideas because we have a bias against an individual or organization because of trust

The way around this is to collect the facts and verify the facts before making any conclusions.  If the focus is on the facts and the trust we have in the facts, we can overcome our biases and make better decisions.

I am seeing a lack of this collecting of facts when it comes to the vaccine for COVID.  People are distrusting so they are not going to take the vaccine. If people would take the time to understand the facts, they would be able to make an informed decision about whether to take the vaccine or not.   Unfortunately, the news is full of interpretations, but they are light on facts.  We need more reporting of the facts, and the source of the facts before reporting the different interpretations.  With the facts and the source of the facts, people can make a judgment on whether they trust the facts, and then they can see how the trusted facts support the different interpretations.

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