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Structure of Habits

It's about working hard, resting when you need to, leading a healthy life, and having a support structure around you. These factors help you improve.
Adama Traore

A few days ago I wrote about creating simple habits.

The structure of habits is the idea of creating a set of those simple habits throughout your day that you then use to anchor other habits.

Actively determine a set of habits starting in the morning and then throughout the day of these simple habits. Where it makes sense in your life, create these habits. This could be part of your morning routine, after breakfast, as you leave your house, in your car, when you arrive home, after dinner when you see your spouse. Any of these transition-type times is a great place to implement one of these simple habits.

The simple habit could be things like purposefully hanging your coat on a particular hanger or neatly putting your shoes in a particular place, or looking out a window when you walk into a room. Creating these as simple habits or “rituals” throughout the day gives you a framework to start creating habits that require more work and effort.

It will be far simple to create the habit of running on the treadmill if you have the habit of putting your shoes in a particular spot. From there you can have your treadmill shoes in the same spot and anchor the running on the treadmill by putting your shoes in their spot.

You can get very creative with the structure and the simple habits.

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