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Separate Process from Application

I think a lot of writers are tempted to add complexity by over-complicating things, but always remember that most natural rules/laws are, at their core, simple. Start simple, and build from there, or you risk getting yourself and your readers tangled.
V. E. Schwab

When determining the current state for a project or an organization you need to identify the process that is followed as well as the tools and applications that help facilitate that process.

Oftentimes the application and the process are deemed to be the same thing. If the application was designed specifically for the process sometimes they are aligned. That is rarely the case. Usually, there are other steps or other considerations that are outside of the application or other tools facilitating the process.

When you can explain the process from end to end separate from the tools that perform the different steps, then you have understood the current state of the process.

With this type of understanding, it is easy to determine what in the process needs to change for the future state and what applications and tools you are going to use to facilitate that future state process.


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