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OneNote or Obsidian

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
Albert Einstein

Now that I have found Obsidian, am I going to throw OneNote away?

The answer is …… No.

I have too much in OneNote to ever move it all into Obsidian. Even if I could I don’t know if that is the correct decision.

I will still continue to use OneNote for capturing information off the internet. The web clipping tool is great and once in OneNote, it is easy to file the clip where it belongs. There is no real easy way to do that in Obsidian.

OneNote and Obsidian are both just tools. The key is to pick the best tool for the job.

The trick here is determining what the job is. Right now, OneNote is being used for many jobs and some of those jobs are not well defined.

That is the real benefit of having two great tools. In order for me to continue to use both tools means that I am going to need to become clear on what all the different jobs are that I am doing with the tools and make sure each job is well defined and then being done with one tool. The tools are now becoming a way of measuring how clear I am on those jobs.

Once I finish determining what my daily workflow is, I will know which tool is the best tool to use. Determine what each tool is best at will help me determine what my daily workflow is.

As always it is a process of discovery, analysis, innovation, and communication.

Live the Adventure


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