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Obsidian – A New Notetaking Application

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
Albert Einstein

Started using Obsidian for my journaling and it has many advantages over OneNote.

For me, I can use Obsidian the way that I think. I can create the overall structure of how my notes fit together on the fly and refine as the ideas start to solidify.

Obsidian is basically a collection of markdown text notes. Notes are linked by specifying the name of the note to link in double square brackets. Hashtags are added just as text within the note.

The reason Obsidian works so well is all the supporting functionality around those two key features. You can easily navigate based on the links. The hashtags are automatically added. You can search by links or hashtag or text. For any of the searches, there is an autofill feature to assist in finding the search term.

So far I have found the functionality seamless.

One cool feature is the graph of your notes. I have included a graph of the notes that I have created so far as this post’s feature image.’

I will add updates as I learn more to determine if Obsidian really is the note-taking app that I have been waiting for.

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