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Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.
Jen Williamson

One of my values is creativity.

To make this value meaningful, I need to understand what the word creativity means to me and how it affects the life that I live.

For me, creativity is a form of discovery.  It is collecting facts and ideas about a subject and coming up with something new.  It is the process of discovering something new that I value, not the creations in themselves.

Based on this understanding I can see and identify the times in my life when I am living my value.  In my journaling practice based on my JournaledLife Framework, I record the different ways I can live my value of creativity.

  • Anytime I exercise my creativity and imagination to create something.
  • Anytime I solve a problem.
  • Anytime I see something in a new way.
  • Anytime I discover something I never knew before.
  • Anytime I have an epiphany

Based on how I live my value of creativity I can see that exploration is a big part of it.

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