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Making Sense of Your Roles With User Stories

Everyone is playing roles. Mother, friend, caretaker, friend, boss, etcetera. Every role comes with values and intentions. Identify all the roles you are playing. What are the values and intentions of those roles? Awareness can help you to be more effective in your roles.
Akiroq Brost

User stories are a business analysis technique for capturing requirements.

User stories can also be used to help us define our life roles and what they mean to our lives.

A user story is simply a sentence that captures a requirement. For business a user story takes the form:

As a **Stakeholder** I want to **Do something** so that **some reason**

For defining life yours the user story becomes

As a **Life Role** I need to **perform some task** because **some reason**

As an example, for a parental role, a user story could be:

As a Parent, I need to help my kids with their homework because it helps them be successful in life.

By creating the user stories, roles capture actions we take in life that lead to fulfillment.

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