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You can change the circumstances but you can never change man's inner nature.
Ron Perlman

There are parts of you that are part of who you are, and there are parts of you that you get to create.

You don’t get to choose what you resonate with, you discover what you resonate with. This is your nature. Knowing your nature allows you to create effective decisions.

You don’t want to put a round peg in a square hole.

Understanding you is a self-discovery process, both what your nature is and what it is that you want to create. The difference is not always apparent. Some things that you feel you created are really a reflection of your nature. Some things that you feel are your nature or not your nature are created.

Discovering the difference is part of life. Knowing what to change and what to nurture is part of the process.

Life is a grand adventure.

Live the Adventure


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