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Everything is a System

The way to build a complex system that works is to build it from very simple systems that work.
Kevin Kelly

An effective mindset for entrepreneurship is that everything you do is a system.

As a Business Analyst, I define a system of a collection of 1 or more processes. Each process has inputs, had a defined set of steps, and produces outputs.

The art of creating systems is determining what the different systems should be.  If you think of a car, it is a transportation system. That system is a collection of smaller independent systems: steering, engine, exhaust, electrical.  These systems are separate from each other. This operation allows a complicated system to be created as a collection of simpler systems.

In business, the systems are sometimes severe systems all done at the same time.  The art is understanding the system and the interrelations to create a collection of decoupled systems.  The decoupled systems are simpler and can be refined without having to worry about the other systems in the collection.

This is an ongoing process.

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