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Communication is What the Other Person Understands

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.
Rollo May

People sometimes get the idea mixed up with their voice when they are putting themselves out there.

There are far less ideas than there are messages.  If an idea can be explained where everybody gets it, then there wouldn’t be a need for all the different voices.  The person who has the idea can communicate the idea and then everyone understands.  That is not reality.  Different people are going to need the idea expressed differently.  Not only does this mean it needs to be explained differently, it also means what the idea is wrapped in needs to be different.  That is why there are so many frameworks, methodologies, infographics, methods, approaches out there.  The wrapping of an idea in a framework or infographic allows new people to understand the idea.

As a person who wants to put information out there, we need to take the information in, internalize is until we have a deep understanding, where we have our truth, and then we communicate it.

Communication is what the other person hears and understands.  For people who don’t understand the idea, the communication where they get to understand the idea is the important thing.

When we feel like a fraud putting ideas out, it is because we are focusing on ourselves.  We are thinking of what we have done or have thought of.  When we put the focus on the other person, on the value that we can create for them, then our message is what becomes important.  The value is taking an idea, and understanding it to the point where we can pass the idea on to someone else.  That is the real value.

It is in the execution or the communication of ideas to other people where value is created.  An idea on it’s own just has potential value.

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