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Digital Presence Triangle

I think community and connection with people around us - and feeling that we belong - is really valuable.
J. William Fulbright

When building your online presence there are three messages you need to communicate to your audience

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Your encompassing vision

To work with you or to use the services that you offer you need to make a personal connection with potential clients. This is a connection with who you are as a person. The key is to be authentic and genuine.

Your services are what is going to create the outcome your clients are searching for. They are purchasing the outcome, not the service itself. Be clear on the outcomes your services create.

Finally, aligning your services and who you are with an overall vision, ties everything together. People want to exchange their money with people who have a similar vision of the world that they do.

The three connections are what will create a strong online presence for you.

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