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Create Financial Independence Incrementally

To be in a position, at my age, where I am financially independent, I can help develop things, I can promote stuff that I believe in, I can say no a lot and spend time writing - that is a gift.
Elliot Page

Typically when we think of financial independence we think about having a large enough sum of money that allows us not to work anymore. It is an all-or-nothing way of thinking.

A better way of thinking is to create financial independence incrementally. Once we think of financial independence incrementally we can be 10% financially independent or 80% financially independent.

Being 10% financially independent means that 10% of the money we need for our lifestyle is generated without us having to do any work. The simplest way this can happen is by investing. If our investment return is 10% of the money we need then we are 10% financially independent.

When we create side hustles where we create something once and then sell it ongoing that contributes to our financial independence. Where there is enough side hustles to support our lifestyle we are financially independent. We don’t have to create one huge wealth engine, we can create a portfolio of smaller ones and we can create those one at a time.

The sooner we start to build these wealth engines the better. Sometimes they take a while to grow. Creating an online audience may take time, but once created they are available for your wealth engines.


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