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Create a practice that builds momentum

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.
Napoleon Hill

Your practice is what you are committing to follow on a daily, weekly, monthly basis

Create that practice so that it builds momentum.

If part of your practice is reading, keep a stack of the books that you have read because it will make you read more.

If part of your practice is learning, take notes that you can review to show how much you have learned.

If part of your practice is writing, then publish what you write in a blog so you can see the progress.

If part of your practice is creating, then create in small components so you are building assets that can be used in other creations.

If part of your practice is networking, keep a list of the people you have met.

You want a practice where you see the results. You want a practice that produces assets so you can see that the results of your practice are growing.

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