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AI Requires Focus

Artificial intelligence can take you from A to Z, but you have to supply the love.
Isaac Asimov

A question that we will need to ask is: when we are creating value, what is the core of what you are creating? If it can be done by AI it is just a skill. Separating what are you trying to build from real creativity is key in using artificial intelligence. The core creative part needs us, the rest can be done with artificial intelligence tools.

A carpenter doesn’t need to be able to determine what is level there is a tool for that. I carpenter doesn’t need to create how to frame a room, that has already been figured out. Determining the layout that fits who the house is being built for is the core value. The rest is enabling tools.

I believe that some pursuits such as medical diagnosis will be completely done by AI. The part that needs to be done by us is the gathering of observations. A diagnosis relies on observations.

Finding the core creative component and then building it out with artificial intelligence tools is the path to the future.

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