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AI Raises the Bar

The true test of progress is not what we add to what we know, but what we add to what we are.
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Every time there is major progress such as the industrial revolution, the printing press, electricity, and the internet, people become empowered.

They have more free time, they have more influence, and they can create more with the tools they have. Once freed they become innovative and create what would have been impossible before.

When the first factories were made, did people realize that one day the factories would produce in the volumes that they produce now?

When the printing press was invented, did people realize how many books would be printed?

When the internet was created, did people realize how ingrained in everyday life it would become?

Each major progress has raised the bar for what an individual can accomplish.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to be the biggest change and therefore raise the bar more than any other change.

The question is, what will artificial intelligence allow you to do that you would have thought was impossible before artificial intelligence?

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