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You Are Responsible for Your Life

Anybody who thinks money will make you happy, hasn’t got money.
David Geffen

Life Design Principle: You are responsible for your life.

The first step to creating a great life is to understand that you are responsible for creating that life.

Part of the equation of taking responsibility is the focus on the journey.  Having a great life is having a great journey.  With that focus, you can make conscious choices about what the next step on your journey is going to be.

The trap that some people fall into is looking at the outcomes in life.  If you compare your outcomes to someone else’s outcomes, you may conclude that your life is not good and miss out on the experience you could be having.

There are many studies that show once your main needs, food, shelter, security are met, more money or more things does not make a person any happier.  What makes them happier or more fulfilled is the steps they take on a journey.  Be deliberately choosing what direction you head on your journey results in being aware of the steps you are taking.  You, therefore, enjoy each step because they are the steps you chose.

Having new experiences are important. Traveling, seeing new places bring fulfillment and enjoyment, but only when they are new.  If you are always traveling, then being at home is new and exciting.  There is a balance where certain activity always remains new.  The rest of the time is spent on your journey where it is known.  That is why after a while more money does not make your life better, it just changes the surroundings.

It all comes back to focusing on the journey and the next step in the journey and realizing it is your responsibility what that next step will be.

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