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What I Learned by Posting for 500 Days

Writing means sharing. It's part of the human condition to want to share things - thoughts, ideas, opinions.
Paulo Coelho

Today is my 500th post.

Creating these short little posts is now part of my life. I have a rhythm and it gives me an outlet for things I am thinking about. Getting the ideas on paper free up my mind to think of other things.

Some lessons

Think of posting as a practice. The important thing is to go through the practice regardless of the outcome of the post. Oftentimes, when I read past posts I am struck by the fact that they are better than I originally thought.

Think of posting as an experiment. I find it interesting what topics and ideas I am drawn to. Forcing myself to write something every day has revealed a lot about who I am and where my passions lie.

Be organized. Having an organization for what you write allows you to collect assets without any extra work. I organize all my posts within Obsidian. Each post has associated hashtags. This organization allows me to find posts I have done on different subjects easily. The organization also contains the quotes for the posts. This means I now have a collection of 500 quotes organized by related posts and by the author.

Be organized. I am stating this again because having to write every day has made me organized about the process of writing. I have a process for brainstorming ideas, and writing posts. I can quickly sit down and write a post in 15 minutes without having to think about where to start or where to put the post.

Fit the process into a bigger process. Having the practice of writing has allowed me to add other activities to the practice. I now link my learning practice with my writing practice. My learning practice helps to continuously generate new ideas to write about. Also, my journaling practice where I reflect on what I have done during the day provides input for many posts.

Focus on the assets. As mentioned before, writing results in many assets. The posts, the quotes, the organization for the posts and quotes. Thinking of these as assets to be kept for future uses is an important mindset. As an example, some of the posts I can extract and give to my kids as advice.

There is fulfillment in sharing. Sharing both my writing and my photography is a fulfilling activity. It is the start of a conversation about how I see the world. It is my hope that there will be more conversation and comments on the posts in the future.

The first 500 posts have been very fulfilling and I look forward to discovering what the next 500 posts will bring.

Live the Adventure


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