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Value Stories

Stories surge up out of nowhere, and if they feel compelling, you follow them. You let them unfold inside you and see where they are going to lead.
Paul Auster

Value stories are centered around an “being” value.

In life, you have two types of values, things you value, and ways of feelings you value.

The ways of feeling are your being values. Examples of being values are Exploration, Happiness, Creative.

A value story consists of two parts.

One part is describing the being value you are experiencing. For any one of your being values, there are different ways and different extents that you can experience that value. If you value the experience of exploration, how deeply you feel the experience of exploration and how you feel the experience can vary greatly.

The other part of the value story is the situation that led up to experiencing your “being value”.

At times, there is a tremendous amount of value in knowing what led to the experience because these are the things you have control over. In designing your life you want to create the conditions to experience the type of life you want to live. The situation that led to experiencing a “being value” are the situations that you have control over to create in your life.

Know how you want to feel so that you can design a life that maximizes the chance of having those feelings.

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