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Value Multipliers

Imagination makes us shape better stories, sure, but it also allows us to multiply possibilities.
Amitava Kumar

As an entrepreneur, there are two types of value you can create. You can create something that has value in and of itself or you can create value that increases or multiplies the value of something else.

Oftentimes, what an entrepreneur creates is the second type of value.

If an entrepreneur can create a way of generating a 50% guaranteed return on investment, that is only valuable if you have value in the form of money to start with. If the person has a million dollars, a guaranteed return is worth $500,000. If they only have $100 it is only worth $50.

Many of the services that an entrepreneur offers are multipliers. Branding, sales, SEO, training, and coaching only create value when they are multiplying the value that is already there.

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