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Structure Creates Freedom

I thrive in structure. I drown in chaos.
Anna Kendrick

The idea that lack of structure creates freedom I believe is false.

It is an organized logical structure and the associated rules that go along with the structure that creates freedom.

How much freedom would there be on roads without the structure and rules.  With no speed limits, no rules about which side to drive on, no structure at intersections would create chaos.  That chaos would stifle any freedom.  You couldn’t plan trips, create businesses that ship goods, predict how long it would take to get somewhere.  You could go on the road, but that would be the only choice, not much freedom there.

Structure is important.  A well thought out structure is going to create freedom.  In the world of business, that is going to create opportunity.  The structure is what creates the environment for creativity, new ideas, and innovation.

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