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Standard Requirements

The standard library saves programmers from having to reinvent the wheel.
Bjarne Stroustrup

When software solutions were first developed, the requirements for building the solution needed to be very specific.

As we understand solutions better the requirements can be at a higher level.

As solutions are built using frameworks or are built on existing platforms the requirements can be at a higher level.

When we are looking for an existing software as a solution, the requirements can be at a higher level.

Using the building of a house as an example. When we create the requirements for building a house we don’t need to specify all the details. We can specify a floor plan, the location of electrical outlets/plugs, the location where water is required, and some of the finishings. A few structural requirements such as studs being 16 inches on center, and the placement of piles and that is enough to build a house.

We are moving towards that paradigm in the building of software.

In a similar way where frameworks, design patterns, and libraries were created for coding, standard requirements will be created for business analysts. They will form the basis and you would just determine the refinement.

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