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Service or Process

Service design choreographs processes, technologies and interactions within complex systems in order to co-create value for relevant stakeholders.
Birgit Mager

What is the difference between a service and a process?

A process has an initiator, a set of activities, and an output.

A service has a consumer, a set of activities, and an output that is valued by the consumer.

The difference is the service is the true end-to-end process where the consumer is gaining value from the service.

In a restaurant, there are processes for cooking a meal and processes for delivering a meal to a table. In both these cases, the initiator is not gaining value from the process, they are just a cog in a larger process.

In a restaurant, there is a service of having a meal where the consumer (patron) is initiating the service and they are getting the value (meal and ambiance) from the service.

Focusing on the processes makes the processes more efficient.

Focusing on the services increases the value for the consumer and therefore increases the value of the entire organization.

Focusing on the service gives more opportunities for innovation. It requires you to really understand the consumer and what they value.

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