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Science over superstition

If a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere.
Groucho Marx

Your brain is a pattern-matching machine. It will use whatever information it has available to help predict an outcome. The lack of information will not stop your brain from coming to a conclusion.

Lack of information results in superstitions. With the lack of information, your brain will use whatever is available to try to predict the outcome. We see this in superstitions around sporting events where people wear the same clothes as they did the last time their team won.

The problem with superstition is that our brains won’t distinguish between superstition and a conclusion that is based on facts. So while your brain thinks an outcome is likely, reality will be different.

Rather than have your brain predict outcomes based on potentially completely unrelated facts, fill your brain with facts so that it will come to an outcome that is highly likely.

This is where science comes in. Start with your thesis and then collect information that either supports or opposes the thesis. These are the facts that will help your brain make good decisions or good predictions of what outcomes will be.

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