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Practice Ritual Rhythm

The key to forming good habits is to make them part of your 'rituals.' I have a morning ritual, afternoon ritual, and Sunday ritual. It's one way to bundle good habits into regular times that you set aside to prepare yourself for the life you want. Rituals help you form habits.
Lewis Howes

When thinking about your practice you can think of it as a ritual or a rhythm.

Once the process of doing (ritual/rhythm) becomes ingrained, you are freed up so your energy becomes focused on what you are doing. When thinking of it as a practice it is something you know how to do, that you are repeatedly doing, in order to become better at it. A practice that has a rhythm or is part of a ritual becomes easier to accomplish.

It is like taking an exercise class. The rhythm of the class frees you up to focus on exercising. You submit to the rhythm of the class

Understanding and working on your rhythms are key to creating an effective practice.

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