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Perceived Value = Outcome Value Divided by Work

Always deliver more in 'perceived value' than you take in cash value.
Jeff Blackman

Another formula to help understand value.

Value of the outcome divided by work to create the outcome = perceived value

Work is a function of effort over time. The longer something takes the more work is involved. The more effort required the more work is involved.

Value of the outcome is how valuable the outcome is to the person receiving it.

The hard part about these types of formulas is determining the units. Can the value of an outcome be determined in dollars? Can effort be determined is calories? What about work you enjoy versus work you don’t enjoy?

The formula is not an exact science, it is just a way of contemplating value.

If the outcome is the same then the path that has the least amount of work is more valuable. If the work is the same, then the more valuable outcome has the biggest perceived value.

All the scenarios in between have to be contemplated. The formula gives you the perspectives for contemplation: outcome, effort, time, and perceived value.

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