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PBOK Practice

The complexity of things - the things within things - just seems to be endless. I mean nothing is easy, nothing is simple.
Alice Munro

There are four steps for an effective PBOK practice.

Step 1: Trigger

Adding to your PBOK is a habit and every habit should have a triggering event that initiates the habit. These triggers can be incorporated into other habits such as adding to your PBOK as part of your morning and evening routines. Other triggers will be those instances where you learn a piece of information. When you come across an article, or you have an insightful conversation, that will trigger you to add to your PBOK.

Step 2: Create Note

The next step is creating the note within your PBOK. This may be a two-step process for some ad-hoc type information where you record it initially in whatever form is easiest and then add it to your PBOK at a later time.

Templates and consistent structure of notes during the creation of the note increase the value of what is created.

Step 3: Create Linkages

Creating links to other notes and adding hashtags at the time when the note is created is important. Knowing what links and tags will be added is based on the ways you think you may retrieve the notes in the future.

Determine upfront at least one reason for retrieving your notes.

Step 4: Retrieve Notes

As part of your PBOK practice retrieving and reviewing notes that you have created. If you have notes that you expect to review in the future, such as yearly notes, do a run-through of retrieving the notes today to make sure the links are all there.

Having daily and weekly routines for reviewing the different types of notes helps to refine what links and hashtags should be created to keep the PBOK effective.

It is not what goes into your PBOK that is important, it is what you can get out of it.

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