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Outcome Process Metrics

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
John Ruskin

“Outcome, process, metrics” is my framework for improvement.

Start with determining the outcome you want to achieve. Be as clear as possible in what the outcome is. Writing or journaling the outcome will force you to articulate your outcome.

Determine the process for creating the outcome. Again, writing or journaling will increase your clarity of the process.

Next, determine metrics for measuring whether you have achieved the outcome and how close you are to achieving the outcome.

Now go back and refine your understanding of the outcome, the process for creating the outcome, and the metrics for measuring. These are related and each will build on the other.

The final step is execution. Follow your process, collect your metrics, and reflect on how you are progressing. Based on your reflection re-evaluate your outcome, process, and metrics.

Do that long enough and you will have confidence in producing the outcome.

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