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One Piece at a Time

You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.
Seth Godin

Finding your voice is not something that happens overnight.  Finding your voice is not something that you stumble upon, it is something that you create and refine over a long period of time.

It is like putting a puzzle together.  It doesn’t matter how long you look at the puzzle pieces lying on a table, you are not going to be able to put them together.

You need to start.

Even with a puzzle with an image you don’t know, you can start with the edge pieces.  After the edge pieces are in place there are always pieces that can be grouped together where you can figure out more pieces that fit together.  The process of putting pieces together and then evaluating where you are at continues until the puzzle is complete.

It is the same with finding your voice.  Until you start putting down what your voice is now, you are not going to find what your voice will be next.  The important thing is to start.

Reflect on things you would say in conversations.  Start with things you are learning. Start with things that are interesting.  Once you start you are going to learn something so you can write about that.

Those first things you write are your first puzzle pieces.  Once you have those, read what you have written to see what makes sense to come next.  It is a journey, and as a journey about you, it is enjoyable.  Go on the journey with a spirit of curiosity, creativity, and non-judgment.

But first, you need to start.

Live the Adventure


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