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My Planning for 2021

The sooner you start planning your life, the sooner you will live the life you dream of.
Hans Glint

Over the past few days, I have walked you through the first part of my planning process.   The brainstorming of my goals and objectives for the year.

The overall planning process consists of yearly planning, quarter planning, monthly planning, weekly planning, and daily planning/executing

Planning Stage Activity Outcome
Yearly planning You set goals for the life we want Defined Prioritized Goals
Quarter Planning You determine objectives for each goal Defined Objectives
Monthly Planning You determine objectives to be worked on Prioritized Objectives
Weekly Planning You schedule the actions for objectives you are working on Scheduled Objectives / Actions
Daily Planning You execute the actions for completing objectives. Completed Objectives / Actions

This makes January a busy time since I am doing yearly planning, quarter planning, monthly planning, and weekly planning all at the same time.  Dividing it up this way forces me to have a different focus for each of the planning stages.

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