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My Perfectionism

Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.
Kim Collins

After creating the first 60 posts on this site I started to see my perfectionism creep in.

These posts are for me to put my thoughts and ideas out there.  They don’t need to be perfect or look at things from every angle, they just have to be my thoughts and they need some value for my readers.

In the times where my thoughts are opinions, I have the confidence level to show how confident I am in the opinion.  The opinions allow me to write freely about topics as I learn and become better versed in those topics.

The thoughts are published within a category and have associated tags.  These allow me to go back and find related posts so that I can build on ideas that I have posted in the past.

This realization has freed me up to just write every day which was the original purpose of this blog.

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