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Life Long Learning and Memory

Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.
Albert Einstein

Life long learning is a practice that provides many benefits. Life long learning increases the opportunities in your life, allows you to make better decisions, and facilitates your personal growth.

There is the learning and there is the recalling of what you have learned when you need it.

We all know from school how much of what we learn we forget. That is why lifelong learning needs to take memory into account.

If you learn 1000 things and remember 10% you will know 100 things

If you learn 500 things and remember 50% you will know 250 things

That is where your personal book of knowledge comes in. Documenting what you learn as you learn it in a format you can retrieve at a later date is an invaluable part of your lifelong learning practice.

Determine the questions you will have in the future and continuously ask them of your PBOK. This practice will allow you to refine your PBOK to ensure that knowledge and wisdom will be available.

Leaning just to forget is of no value.

Balance the time for learning with the time for documenting what you have learned.

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