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Learn it yourself LIY Instead of Do it Yourself

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.
Thomas Huxley

Do it Yourself or DIY is useful only if you enjoy doing the work. What if you need the outcome but you don’t enjoy the actual work.

That is where Learn It Yourself or LIY comes in.

With the advent of freelance platforms such as Fivver or Upwork, there is always someone available to do the work.

What you need to understand is how the work is done. If you have a solid understanding of how the pieces fit together and how the work gets completed it makes it easy to find the person to execute.

Understand how and what needs to be done also saves you from being overcharged. You understand what the components are and you can hire to get those components done.

A simple example is laying sod. You need someone to put in the topsoil, spread it how, and pack it down. When you understand the process it becomes easy to calculate how much topsoil you need ( a straightforward volume calculation), and you know that getting the topsoil leveled properly is key. You can also make a quick calculation about how long it should take to get a rough idea of the cost. Then you hire a person to actually do the work. Then you can repeat the process by laying out the sod. The sod part is easier as it is just put together like a big puzzle making sure the gaps are small.

When I figure all this out to lay the sod at my house it was half the price of what people were quoting for the entire job and I still didn’t have to do any work other than a few calculations and a few phone calls.

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