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Know Your Facts

The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.
Arnold H. Glasow

If you are referring to something make sure you have the facts and you are not just regurgitating someone else’s opinion.

If you say something is something but you don’t have facts to back it up it is just noise.

Creating an interpretation is not hard, it is just reflecting and putting facts and observations together in a logical way. Sometimes it takes a while, and it requires creativity, but in the end, you can create interpretations sitting on a couch.

Facts and observations on the other hand take effort. Not only do you need to identify the facts, or collect the observations, but you also have to identify the source. The source is what allows other people to verify your facts.

If people took the time to identify and verify facts and observations before arguing about which interpretation is right I think there would be less arguing. Rather than putting other people down, people can look at the facts and observations and collaboratively come up with interpretations.

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