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It’s Snowing

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.
Wayne W. Dyer

It is May 18th, 2021 and it is snowing.

This happens every year. As soon as you think that winter is completely over we have a snow day.

It is a reflection on how we think. There is the tendency to believe that the next thing is going to be similar to the last thing.

Once we start getting nice weather, we think the weather will always be nice. Even when we can think back to prior years and try to be objective we still get surprised.

This type of thinking is everywhere and we need to work at being objective.

The stock market always goes up when it is going up so we never sell.

The stock market always goes down when it is going down so we never buy.

Relationships are working so we don’t put the effort in.

Relationships are not working so there is nothing we can do to fix them.

Always take the time to take a step back and evaluate a situation from an objective point of view. Look at both sides and apply a probability and then play it like a poker hand.

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