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How Decisions Are Made

The best decision-makers are always armed with the best information and data!
George Raveling

Have you ever had a dream where the end coincided with your alarm clock ringing?

These types of dreams are an indication that you can’t always trust your brain and the order the brain experiences things.

It is similar with decision making.  We feel that when we make a decision, we make the decision when we have the experience of making the decision.  Science is showing that this may not be true.

Based on studies it seems that decisions are made in our brain before we think we are making a decision.

Neuroscientists read unconscious brain activity to predict decisions — Quartz (

Our brain is a pattern matching.  Based on everything the brain knows about a decision and how we value different things, a decision is made. The experiments are pointing to the fact that this process happens before we are aware of making a decision.

Based on this viewpoint I think the best approach is to become aware of as many options as possible.  Each of the options is evaluated based on supporting and opposing evidence.  The supporting and opposing evidence also needs to be evaluated based on our values.  Our values will tell our brain which evidence, for or against, that we feel is the most important.

Having well-researched options, evidence, and an understanding of what we value, will result in our brains choosing the best option for us.

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