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How Anyone can be a Thought Leader

Don't tell me about the positions you've held, tell me about the problems you've solved.
Elon Musk

We are all on a journey in life.

A thought leader is just someone who is ahead of us on the journey.

For you to be a thought leader you need to recognize where you are on the journey, and then look back and see who is behind you.

Thinking back, the first time I can remember being a thought leader was when I was 9 years old.

One day I was going over to my friend’s house and his father was looking at one of his trees. I stopped and asked him what he was looking at and he said that the tree was infested with aphids.

My Dad is a gardener he talks about his garden all the time so I knew that all my friend’s dad had to do was spray the tree with a soapy water solution.

I gave the advice to my friend’s dad and he was somewhat amazed that I had the answer to his problem.

I was the thought leader. All this means that on the journey with relation to aphid infestations I was a little further ahead on the journey than he was.

Live the Adventure


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