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Help Your Clients Make an Aware Decision

The key to good decision-making is not knowledge. It is understanding. We are swimming in the former. We are desperately lacking in the latter.
Malcolm Gladwell

I believe that the core of marketing is helping your clients make an informed buying decision.

Your marketing helps to educate your clients so they understand your product and how your product will bring value into their lives.  Once they have this awareness, they are the ones who decide if it is worth it or not.  Spend your marketing time trying to figure out how to educate your potential clients. Figure out what understandings do they need, and create evergreen content that educates them.  What you will need to teach one client will be the same for many clients.  With this approach, you build up a wealth of content that allows your clients to make a good buying decision.  If you have created a great product, the content will result in sales. Once a sale is made you still have the content for the next potential client.

Creating that awareness in your potential clients requires you to really understand what you are selling and what outcomes what you are selling can make in individuals.  What one individual may get out of what you are selling may not be the same as what another will get.  You are there to serve your potential clients first and foremost.  If a sale comes out of you serving your clients that is a great side effect, but not the main focus.

When you market in this way you build a brand of trust, a brand of consistently creating outcomes that create real value for every client.

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