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Good Practice Session as Ideal Day

Everything is practice.

One view of an ideal day is; an ideal day is a day where you executed your practice well.

It doesn’t matter if you got the result you were looking for, it matters that you executed the activity for that outcome well.

If part of your practice is running on the treadmill, an ideal day is one where you started the run and completed the run efficiently according to your practice. If you didn’t run as far or as fast as you are aiming for it doesn’t change that the day was great. It is the practice that is important not the outcome.

If you got up when you planned, did your morning routine, work routines, exercise routines, past time routines, evening routines according to your practice it was an ideal day.

When you view your ideal day in this way it frees you up to simply execute. It is when you are reflecting that you realize that when you follow and focus on your practice, the outcomes result.

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