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Focus on the Practice

See, life is a journey and every chapter is very interesting.
Zeenat Aman

Don’t judge the outcomes. You don’t have control of the outcomes.

Judge the process.

Part of judging the process is determining how well you fit the process. No matter what the outcome you are trying to achieve, your process will be different than everyone else.

The first part of judging a process is reflecting on who you are and determining how good of a process it is for you. Just because it is a great process for others does not mean it will be a great process for you.

The second part of judging a process is reflecting on how likely the process has of creating the outcome that is desired.

There is always a balance between these two. Changing a process to fit who you are and changing a process to have a greater chance of creating the outcome may not align. This is where you need to make choices based on your values. Will you lean towards making the process more likely to produce the outcome or will you lean towards making the process fit who you are?

There are many factors that affect this, but in the end, it is based on what makes you happy and what makes you fulfilled.

Focus on the practice and use the outcome as a metric.

Live the Adventure


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