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Focus on Deliverables

Powerful and sustained change requires constant communication, not only throughout the rollout but after the major elements of the plan are in place. The more kinds of communication employed, the more effective they are.
DeAnne Aguirre

One perspective for business analysts to take is to focus on deliverables.

Any business analyst engagement is focused on making a change, whether this is a new application or a new process. The role of the business analyst is to make that change happen.

To facilitate that change, focus on deliverables. What are the tangible assets you can create that support the change? With a defined deliverable you become focused on completing one part of the puzzle.

Ask yourself, what are the deliverables that will allow this change to happen.

These deliverables include artifacts such as process flow diagrams. business requirement documents, decision trees. There are many different artifacts that a business analyst can create.

The question becomes what are the best set of artifacts to make the change happen.

Business analysts focus on deliverables required to create the desired change and then pick the best tools based on the situation to create those deliverables.

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